I’m going to Le Web!

No, I haven’t reached my target yet… but it has gotten a whole lot easier.

After starting to fundraise, I sent another email to Geraldine Le Meur, who is organizing Le Web, explaining that I was trying to raise money – but if I volunteered at the conference, could I earn an even further reduced price? She didn’t put me to work. But she did one better – she gave me one of her personal invitations, meaning that I can attend for FREE!

Of course, there are still the other major expenses of airfare and hostels, but I have never been so happy to revise down a fundraising goal:

Thank you SO much to all the people who have ALREADY contributed to making this dream come true! Now, with the help of Geraldine, I am so much closer to my goal and I am dead set on making it to Paris in December. Where there is a will, there are wonderful people who will help you along your way.

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