Delta Sigma Pi | Collegiate & Alumni Roster 
Interactive database with both static and live information about members of Delta Sigma Pi, USC’s premier business fraternity. Live information is pulled from various social networks. Ongoing project initially started in Patrick Dent’s ITP 300 (Database Web Development) and David Tang’s ITP 404 (Web Services & APIs), Fall 2012. For more, see the full post.

Pandora: The Money Doesn’t Stream Like the Music
Valuation of Pandora Radio, created in conjunction with Damir Becirovic, Greg Bumstead, Arjun Chaurushia, and Priscilla Lee as the final project for Prof. Julia Plotts’ FBE 421 class on Financial Analysis & Valuations, Fall 2012. For further detail, see the full post.
Pandora Valuation Report (PDF)
 | Pandora Valuation Model (Excel)