Chris Sacca on Foundation

Bouncing from a $12mm to $-4mm net worth and back, leading Google’s stealth data center grab, and ultimately becoming a venture capitalist, Chris Sacca is one of the most fascinating people I have encountered online.

He was recently featured on Foundation, a show produced by Kevin Rose (founder of Digg) with high-quality, in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs like Jack Dorsey (Twitter, Square) and Tom Conrad (

Here are a few key segments particularly applicable to venture capital:

Getting startup cash through law school financial aid (1:30)
From $12mm to $-4mm (4:45)
Creating a random company to get legit work (9:50)
Building a fund for the deal of a lifetime (29:00)
What to look for in a startup (45:03) – notes below

  • Is this a product I can be helpful with?
  • Focus on entrepreneur as a person
    • Has had a shitty job
    • Lived, traveled, or studied abroad
    • Play sports, have balance in life
    • College isn’t a prereq, but there’s a correlation between doing well in college and afterwards
    • Would I have these guys up at my house?
  • Money is really made by doubling down on follow-on rounds
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