LSM Day 1: Wow. This is real.

LSM Day 1
The RememberMe Team: Me, Patrick, Praveen, and Nate (photographer)

I am CEO of a lean startup around remembering the critical details of your relationships.

At least, I am for the weekend at Lean Startup Machine. Founded by Trevor Owens, LSM is a phenomenal new program that forces entrepreneurs to apply the powerful methodology of The Lean Startup in an action-packed weekend. It’s like Startup Weekend, plus passionate mentors and a game-changing framework for entrepreneurship.

It’s been insane so far. First off, I thought my idea would be too obscure… yet it was one of the most popular ones. For a while, there were going to be two teams pursuing my idea (though the other team eventually changed their minds).  Now, I’m working with three other great entrepreneurs – Patrick, Praveen, and Nate – to turn this into a viable business with real customers.

The mentors have been incredible. The way they think – and the way they move through LSM’s “Validation Canvas” – is just mind-blowing. During every conversation, we’ve been learning more and more. And I can’t say enough about my team as well. Everyone has been contributing so much enthusiasm, originality, and critical thinking. I have never experienced anything like it.

Lastly, if you’d like to learn my initial idea, here was my pitch, more or less:

This weekend, you’ll meet 50 great entrepreneurs. But in a year, how much will you remember?

Let’s say you and I get coffee. Professionally, do you remember that even though my LinkedIn says Goldman Sachs, my passion is business development for consumer web? And you probably wouldn’t remember that personal story I told you about my brother. Yet that’s the information that truly matters.

I’m proposing a relationship management tool that will help you remember and organize the critical details of the relationships you care about.

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  • Jared

    This is awesome! I know a few if these already exist…I’ll find one I signed up for to show you its features

    • Abby Chao

      Please do! I’ve spent forever looking for good tools.

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  • Abby Chao

    Please do! I’ve spent forever looking for good tools.